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here you will find further information on the current situation regarding Covid-19. As the regulations and requirements are constantly changing, we recommend that you obtain detailed information in advance about entry requirements to Majorca.

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Current information (FAQ) about COVID-19

1. Can I cancel my individual trip free of charge?

As your villa holiday is an individual trip, the general terms and conditions from your contract apply in principle. This means that you are legally not entitled to a free cancellation.

2. What can I expect from a travel voucher?

A travel voucher will only be issued by the owner if the accommodation cannot be offered due to COVID-19. The travel voucher is issued in the equivalent amount of the payment already made and can be used for a booking in the same finca until the end of 2021 and is valid for traveling during 2021 or 2022. It can be used for one or more bookings. The conditions exclusively apply to vouchers issued due to the coronavirus crisis.

3. How can I redeem a travel voucher?

In order to charge your travel voucher with your new booking, please make a non-binding request via the homepage for the respective house and your desired period and let us know your voucher number in the message field. This will ensure that the payment already made in the form of the voucher is correctly credited to the new booking.

4. What happens with my voucher/rebooking if the villa is no longer offered?

If a property is taken out of our program, your voucher will still be valid. It can then be used for any villa in our portfolio. In such cases we will of course contact you proactively.

5. How are rebookings (change of travel dates) carried out?

Rebooking is only offered by the owners if the accommodation cannot be offered due to COVID-19. If you already have an alternative travel date in mind, we will request it to the owner. If the owner confirms the new travel date, we will change your booking accordingly.

It may be that the night price is higher due to a different travel month/year. Due to the high volume of work, the rebooking may take a little more time. However, you can be assured that as long as the rebooking has been confirmed by the homeowner, we will carry it out and then send you the new booking documents. The conditions apply exclusively to rebookings issued due to the coronavirus crisis.

6. A passenger belongs to a high risk group/ I am worried about getting infected with the coronavirus/ A passenger has fallen ill

You can withdraw from your booking at the agreed cancellation policy. If the owner is able to provide the service, a cancellation can only be made under the aforementioned conditions. In this case a free cancellation or rebooking is not possible. If a travel participant falls ill with a virus and you have purchased a travel cancellation insurance when you made your booking, this may come into effect. Please contact your travel cancellation insurance for further information.

7. I have purchased a travel cancellation insurance through fincallorca, does it apply due to the Corona crisis?

As a rule, the travel cancellation insurance only takes effect if one of the fellow travellers falls ill with coronavirus. Force majeure (travel ban) is not covered. In case of doubt, please contact the insurance company to clarify any open questions.

8. If I am unable to take my holiday, does the travel cancellation insurance booked through fincallorca expire or does it remain valid?

As the travel cancellation insurance is house-bound, it expires if the holiday in the villa cannot be taken, as the insurance cover was already in place from the moment of booking. If a new travel date has already been fixed and you want to change your travel dates, the travel cancellation insurance will be valid for the new travel date.

9. What happens with my car rental booking?

You can cancel your rental car free of charge at any time until your arrival. Please contact us briefly if the car was booked via our customer service. If you have booked directly with Sunnycars via our homepage, please contact Sunnycars directly with your cancellation request so that they can cancel the reservation immediately.

10. What happens with my flight booking?

If you wish to cancel your Finca booking and the flight cancellation has not yet been confirmed, we recommend that you first wait for the airline's response.

11. Is there a mouth and nose protection obligation in Majorca and where do I have to wear it?

On Mallorca, since Monday 13.07.2020, mouth and nose protection are compulsory. This must also be respected if the safety distance of 1.5 m can be maintained. If disobeying this rule, you can be punished with a fine of up to 100 euros.There are, however, a few exceptions: You may take off your mask at the beach and during sports. Bars and cafés are open again, but there are restrictions here as well. Sitting together at the same table is limited to a certain number of people, and here again you should ask about the latest rules, as these are sometimes changed every few weeks. Private gatherings are also limited to a certain number of people, please check the current restrictions as they may change.

12. How does the owner ensure that the accommodation complies with current hygiene standards?

In order to enable a holiday under the keyword "social distancing" even in times of the Corona crisis, fincas are very suitable due to the individual accommodation units. For fincallorca, the safety of its guests and the owners of the fincas is our first priority. In order to raise the already high standards of hygiene and safety even further, fincallorca has provided all finca owners with important guidelines. These are based on the order SND/399/2020 of the Spanish Ministry of Health of 9 May 2020 on the opening of tourist accommodation and facilities. The most important points of it are as follows:

Complete cleaning: Between the departure of a guest and the arrival of a new guest, a complete cleaning is carried out. In order to carry this out, villa owners can reserve an extra day in the booking system. Villa owners are required to remove unnecessary items from the house. Additional bed linen can also be removed from the house, but is still available on request of the guest. In order to simplify the waste situation, fincallorca recommends to remove rubbish bins from individual rooms and to use firmly lockable rubbish bins.

Check-in and check-out: The keys are handed over contactless or contact-minimized. In the case of contactless check-in, the front door key can be deposited in a key box or in a safe place. The house owner can then greet and instruct you by telephone. All house owners should observe the minimum distance and hygiene standards when handing over their keys in person.

Training of personnel: The owners of the villa are also instructed to familiarise all employees working at the villa - such as gardeners or a cleaning team - with the new hygiene standards and regulations.

Disinfectants: The owners of the villa provide disinfectants for their guests during their stay.

13. Where can I find the FCS health check form?

If you are flying to Spain from another country after 1 July 2020, it is mandatory to complete and sign the FCS form associated with your trip, regardless of your nationality, age or other factors. This form must be completed by each passenger, who is responsible for ensuring that the information provided is correct and accurate. If the passenger is a minor or dependent/disabled, his/her guardian may complete the form and is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided. Please click here for more information. To fill in the form directly and obtain a QR Code, please click here. You can print out the QR Code on arrival or show it on your mobile phone.

14. What do I have to consider when returning from Mallorca?

Anyone arriving in Mallorca from abroad is obliged to show a negative PCR test result (on a smartphone or in paper form), it is important that the passport number is written on the test result. The negative result must not be older than 72 hours.

Every traveller must fill out a health questionnaire 48 hours before arrival. There you will be asked whether you have a negative PCR test result or not. The Passenger Location Card can be submitted via the portal "Spain Travel Health" ( of the Spanish Ministry of Health, or via the app "SpTH". Each traveller must fill out a separate form, parents do this for their children. Name, passport and flight number, date of arrival and email address must be provided. Some questions about health conditions will also have to be answered. Upon entry, the temperature will be taken.

Since 10 December, negative PCR test results are also accepted in German. Children under the age of six do not have to take a test.

Please note that the entry regulations can change at any time. We recommend that you obtain detailed information on the website of the Federal Foreign Office before your arrival:

15. What do I have to consider when returning from Mallorca?

Please note the current return travel regulations that apply to your place of residence.
Getting tested in Mallorca
Here you will find an overview of the topic: "getting tested in Mallorca" with useful addresses: Getting tested in Mallorca

16. None of the points answer my question. I need help.

If none of the above points fit your request, please feel free to contact us by using our contact form or send us an e-mail directly to We will deal with your request and get back to you as soon as possible. Unfortunately, due to the current situation we cannot exclude longer waiting times. We thank you for your understanding!

We would like to thank you for the high degree of understanding and loyalty!
Only together we are strong in this extraordinary situation!

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