Almond Blossom on Mallorca

Mallorquin almond blossom
Mallorquin almond blossom

Almond Fincas

The Balearic Islands, in particular Mallorca, are well-known for the large number of almond plantations that can be found there, including traditional houses where the almonds are processed following the harvest. Smaller Almond Fincas may only possess one or two almond trees, while the larger plantations on Mallorca may have over one hundred such trees, making for a truly breathtaking natural display when the almond trees blossom early in the year.

There are many holiday fincas on Mallorca which, even today, are surrounded by thousands of almond trees, ensuring a breathtaking view of the pink landscape during blossom season.

General Information on Almond Blossom

Generally, you can see almond trees blossoming on Mallorca between January and March. However, this depends slightly every year on the weather and temperatures during the winter months. In total, more than 8 million almond trees bloom during this time on the island. Most of these are then most colourful at the end of January or the beginning of February. Spring can begin a few months earlier here than in central or northern Europe, as the temperatures are around 15 degrees higher.

The blooming of the trees reveals a pink spectacle, something which attracts numerous tourists every year who wish to experience the natural beauty of the event. Those who enjoy playing golf may also use the time for a fantastic golfing holiday. In fact, golf is, in general, especially popular during the cooler months at the start of the year.

The majority of almond trees can be found on the east and south-east coasts of the island, as well as in the region between Andratx and Sóller. Anyone who wishes to see numerous almond trees in one trip with the car should take the road from Palma towards Valldemossa. In Son Serva, there is a festival every year at the start of Februrary called the 'Firó de la Flor d'Amtler', which celebrates the almond blossom. Here, you can buy delicious treats and cosmetic products made of almonds.

Processing the Almonds

The almonds on Mallorca are harvested in Autumn. Large nets are placed under the almond trees, and the loose fruits are then knocked from the tree with long bars.

In order to get to the almond fruit, two layers of shell must be removed first. The first layer can be removed by hand, but the second, harder, layer must be removed with a stone. These days, the almond fincas are responsible for removing the shell of the almonds, something that is made much easier by machines, as well as processing the almonds after the fact. One example of this is the extraction of almond oil.

The almond harvest on Mallorca produces so many almond shells that there is a specific factory which is heated using nothing but almond shells. Many of the more primitive fincas on Mallorca also have their own oven, in which you can burn almond shells, amongst other things.

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