The free cancellation is only valid for the villas participating in that promotion.

Deviating from the general cancellation conditions of the Fincallorca Terms and Conditions of Agency and Brokerage, the owner of the participating villa grants a free cancellation option for all new bookings for the travel year 2021 up to 28 days before arrival.

If this booking is cancelled less than 28 days before arrival, point 6.2.d) of Fincallorca GmbH’s general terms and conditions of brokerage apply.

All other points of the general terms and conditions as well as the payment of the service fee and any travel cancellation insurance booked remain unaffected by this

To the FAQ

Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Is there a 'Tourist Tax' on Mallorca?

    Yes. Since 1 July 2016, the Balearic Islands have imposed a so-called 'Ecotasa' (tourist tax), which must be paid by all tourists who visit Mallorca. The cost of this tax varies depending on your chosen accommodation; for villas and apartments, the tax is € 2.00 from 01. May until 31. October, and € 0.50 from 01. November until 30. April (plus 10% VAT (IVA) in each case). From the 9th day of your holiday, the tax rate is reduced by half. The tourist tax must be paid by anyone over the age of 16 (inclusive). The tax is either included in your villa's nightly rate, or must be paid during your stay (ideally upon arrival) in cash to the owner of the villa. Please note that the villa owner is required, as part of their acceptance of the 'Ecotasa', to take your personal details (this may include taking a copy of your passport). If the 'Ecotasa' is to be paid in cash on-site, this will be indicated in the description of the property and in your booking confirmation. You will then arrange the payment of the 'Ecotasa' during your stay directly with the villa owner.

  • How does the Booking Process work?

    On the details page of every villa, you can send us either a binding booking or a non-binding booking request. If you book bindingly, we will forward your booking information directly to the appropriate house owner and, following their final approval, we will send you your final booking documents by email. If you request a non-binding booking, we will send you a booking offer by email, which you can then book on a binding basis if you so choose. We will then forward your booking information to the appropriate house owner and, following their final approval, we will send you your final booking documents by email.

  • Is it possible to pre-reserve your desired period in a villa?

    No, due to the high volume of bookings within our villas, it is unfortunately not possible to reserve a desired booking time in an object for a few hours or days.

  • How does the Payment Process work?

    Following the conclusion of a contract (receipt of the booking confirmation), a deposit is required. This deposit is 30% of the total price of your stay, and must be paid to Fincallorca within 5 days of receipt of the booking confirmation. The final 70% must then be paid 5 weeks before the start of your stay. The applicable payment conditions will be communicated to you in your booking form for a non-binding booking or binding booking. It will also be included in the booking confirmation. For payment of the deposit and the final payment, Fincallorca accepts bank transfer or in case of last minute bookings (up to 6 weeks before arrival) credit card (Visa & Mastercard). In case of payment by credit card, you will receive an individual payment link from us via email.

  • Who is covered by the Travel Cancellation Insurance policy?

    The Travel Cancellation Insurance that we offer as an intermediary alongside the rental of a villa covers, besides the person in whose name the policy is held, further persons of risk. These persons of risk include, besides the immediate family, anyone travelling as part of the same group, as well as their immediate family and caregivers, as long as no more than 12 people have booked. Events covered by the insurance can be found in § 2 of the insurance terms and conditions.

  • When are the Check-In and Check-Out Times?

    Your booked accommodation will be ready on your day of arrival by 16.00 CET. On your day of departure, you must leave the property by 10.00. Of course, you can arrive later than 16.00 on your first day; this depends entirely on your flight time.

    Arrival at your villa: Checking in to a villa

  • Must I provide my ID number after booking?

    Requesting your ID number is normal during the process of booking a holiday. When boarding a plane or checking into a hotel, your personal details will, in all likelihood, be checked. We also require the ID number of the main booking person shortly after conclusion of the booking process, and then forward this to the owner of the villa that you have booked. This is required by the Mallorca Tourism Ministry, and also has the practical advantage that it helps the owner to identify you upon arrival.

  • Why do all travellers aged 16 and over need to be identified?

    Pursuant to art. 50, paragraph 11 of the Balearic Islands Tourism Law (amending act 8/2012 of 19th July to its version of 1st August 2017), the operator of a holiday rental must provide information about his/her holiday guests to the police (Dirección General de Policiá) in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Citizens. This information must be provided for each holiday guest over the age of 16, and must include the following pieces of information: name, surname, identification number, type of identification document, date of issue, sex, date of birth, nationality, arrival date, and traveller's signature. Five weeks before your arrival, Fincallorca will send you a form via email which you must hand to the owner of the property upon arrival.

    You can find an example of this form here: Traveller's identification form

  • How does the handover of the villa work?

    Around 5 weeks before your arrival, you will receive your comprehensive documentation from us regarding the handover of keys and how to get in touch with the house owner or manager on-site. This includes a detailed description of how to get to the property or an easy-to-find meeting point. In case of confusion or a flight delay, please contact the house owner or manager, who will then help you with the way or provide you with a new arrival time. At the house, the owner or manager will then give you the keys to the property, and show you around the most important functions of the property. In order to ease this process, it is important that you give us your flight details - including arrival time, departure time, and flight numbers - at least 4 weeks before your stay. We will then forward this information to the house owner or manager so that they may prepare for your arrival.

  • Who will take care of any problems that may arise during my stay?

    If there should be problems on-site concerning the house that you have booked or other issues (for example a medical emergency or similar), please contact the house's owner or manager as soon as possible. They can then help you as soon as they are able to. You can also, of course, contact us at any point; we will then forward your concerns to the appropriate person.

  • Should I bring my own towels and bed linen, and which other services are included?

    Every single villa in our programme offers some inclusive services and amenities. These include, without exception, towels, dish-towels, and bed linen. In addition, they will provide, on the day of arrival, some drinking water, soap in the bathrooms, at least one roll of toilet paper per bathroom, and washing-up liquid. Many villas also offer other amenities, which you can find underneath the price table on each villa's detail page.

  • Is there a minimum stay?

    With very few exceptions, most houses can only be booked for a minimum of seven nights. Once this minimum is reached, any number of nights over seven is possible. Unless stated otherwise, the arrival day and departure day can be on any day of the week. Please note, however, that villa owners generally wish to avoid having gaps in their villa's availability, so the possible travel period may depend on bookings that are already confirmed.

  • Can I bring my dog with me?

    Some villas in our programme allow you to bring your dog on holiday with you. With this in mind, we have a 'Dogs Allowed' filter on our website which allows you to choose all of the villas where dogs are permitted. You will then only be shown the villas where dogs are allowed, although this must then be confirmed with the owner. Before we give you the final confirmation that you can bring your dog, we must arrange this with the appropriate villa owner. Please understand that we may ask you for the number of dogs, their breed, and their size. For example, some villas only allow you to bring exactly one dog; others may only wish for holidaymakers to bring small dogs, and so on.

  • Can I smoke in my villa?

    Every villa in our programme is non-smoking. Smoking is therefore never allowed inside, but rather exclusively in the outdoor areas of the villa.

  • What should I do with rubbish during my villa holiday?

    A villa holiday is always on a self-service basis. This includes rubbish removal; please note that, unlike in some other countries, there is no authority which arranges rubbish collection at your villa, but rather you must take any rubbish which accumulates to the rubbish tip in each town. Please ask the villa owner or manager when you arrive at the villa where the nearest rubbish tip can be found in order to dispose of any rubbish which builds up during your stay. Please note that these tips may be closed at the weekend, so we recommend going on a weekday to dispose of rubbish.

  • How do I avoid an ant infestation at my villa?

    To avoid getting ants in your villa, please remove all rubbish as soon as possible. Rubbish contained in plastic bags that is, for example, left by the front door, will always attract bugs like ants. This is even more so in southern Europe than in central or northern Europe. Ants may also come inside, particularly in the kitchen, if leftover food is not thrown away thoroughly enough. With that having been said, ants are a normal part of the scenery at any countryside villa. Should your problem with ants become too much for you during your stay, please contact the owner or manager of the villa so that further steps can be taken to solve the problem.

  • What will the access road to my villa be like?

    The countryside of Mallorca is subject to a so-called "sealing ban". This means that it is not permitted to tarmac over most natural paths or roads, and must be kept as sturdy earth trails instead. This means that they can be very bumpy and rocky. Please note also that bushes and tree branches may extend far into the road. These factors can sometimes make the journey to your villa, which will likely be located in a countryside location, rather difficult. The car rental companies on Mallorca are aware of this fact, and so are relatively lenient when it comes to returning a car covered in dust. However, we recommend driving slowly and carefully in order to avoid scratches in the surface of the car.

  • What will the surroundings of my villa be like?

    Modern holiday villas have, in many cases, a long history of development. Even these days on Mallorca, there are numerous active farmers who are specialised in almonds, olives, oranges, and lemons. Many of these also raise typical Mallorca species like donkeys, sheeps, chickens, peacocks, and so on. Anyone renting a villa on Mallorca should keep in mind that some villas will be in close proximity to fields where, for example, sheeps are grazing or other animals are kept. This will also be the cause of a so-called 'Eco-Noise', which is part of any villa holiday. Most people, especially children, understand the importance of looking after such an environment, and some villa owners even offer donkey rides or petting zoos for children to enjoy.

  • What kind of standards can I expect when it comes to water, electricity, and so on?

    The infrastructure at most villas cannot be compared to other parts of europe, for example when it comes to electricity, that sometimes doesn't flow constantly, or regarding water pressure, warm water service, or how clean the tap water is. However, such minor details are completely normal for countryside locations. If there should be any massive problem during your stay, please contact your villa owner or manager as soon as possible.

  • What should I keep in mind when it comes to using the pool?

    Mallorca is often called the 'Island of Wind'; this is largely due to the afternoon weather phenomenon called 'Embat', which consists of a strong sea breeze (although this can be welcome due to the heat), which of course sometimes brings leaves and insects into the pinca pool. That is not to say, however, that this makes the pool extremely dirty or affects the PH-value of the pool or the water quality. Most pools have their own net, attached to a long pole, which you can use to clean the surface of the water. The general cleaning of the pool generally takes place automatically via a timed circulating pump, as well as manually by a 'pool boy'. If you have any doubts about the quality of the pool water at your booked villa, please contact your villa's owner or manager so that they can check the water quality for you.

  • What does Fincallorca's Best-Price Guarantee mean?

    It is our goal to offer you the best product at the best possible price. This means that we are not only very selective when it comes to choosing our villas, but also when it comes to pricing them. Although a majority of the houses in our programme can only be found on our website, there are also villas which you can book through other websites and portals. The point of our best-price guarantee is to ensure that every villa in our programme can be booked via our platform for the best possible price on the market. If you happen to find one of our villas for a cheaper price through someone else, please send us the competing offer up to five days after booking and we will aim to beat the offer. If we are unable to do so, you can cancel your booking with us free of charge. With the Fincallorca best-price guarantee, you are always on the safe side.

  • Why is it not possible to select certain time periods, although they are available?

    Our landlords themselves are the ones who determine how long is the minimum rental period per stay. The same applies to the arrival and departure days and whether gaps between two stays are permitted. In some houses, due to the owner´s organisational reasons, arrival is only possible on certain days of the week. Through the interaction of these rules, it can happen that certain arrival days and/or departure days are not eligible in the booking form.

Terms and Conditions of Fincallorca GmbH

Terms and Conditions of Agency and Brokerage of FINCALLORCA GmbH

Dear customers,
The following Terms and Conditions of Agency and Brokerage between you – hereinafter the “customer” – and FINCALLORCA GMBH – hereinafter “FINCALLORCA” – shall become part of the brokerage contract, given that these are effectively agreed upon as you make a booking for a holiday home/holiday apartment. “Holiday apartments” and “holiday homes” shall hereinafter be jointly referred to as a “holiday property”. The following Terms and Conditions of Agency and Brokerage at the same time govern the contractual relationship between you and the owner/lessor, with whom the contract on the brokerage by FINCALLORCA is concluded. The owner or lessor of the holiday property will hereinafter, for reasons of simplicity, be referred to as the “lessor”. Therefore, please read through these terms and conditions carefully.

1. Position and performances of FINCALLORCA, applicable legal provisions

1.1. On its websites, FINCALLORCA offers brokerage services for third-party performances, viz. contracts with lessors of holiday properties. FINCALLORCA merely assumes the position of a mediator between the customer and the lessor.
1.2. If FINCALLORCA brokers a composite performance by the lessor, consisting of the touristic main performance and ancillary performances (e.g. accommodation and transport) and if these ancillary performances of the lessor are an essential component of the main performance, FINCALLORCA merely assumes the position of a mediator for the contract between the customer and the lessor. The same applies if the ancillary performances of the mediated lessor do not make up a significant share of the overall value in the composition of the performance of the provider and neither represent an essential characteristic of the performance composition of the provider or FINCALLORCA itself, nor are they advertised as such.
1.3. As a mediator, FINCALLORCA assumes the position of a provider of associated travel services, given that the conditions to offer associated travel services under the legal provisions of § 651w BGB [German Civil Code] are met by FINCALLORCA.
1.4. Without prejudice to the obligations of FINCALLORCA as a provider of associated travel services (particularly the transfer of the legally prescribed form and the conclusion of customer deposit insurance in case of collection activity by FINCALLORCA) and the legal consequences in case these legal obligations are not met, FINCALLORCA is neither a travel organiser nor a contracting party to the rental contract over the holiday property concluded with a booking, also if the conditions specified in 1.2 or 1.3 are met. As such, the company is not liable for the information provided by the lessor on prices or performances, for the performance itself, or for any shortcomings in the performance. Any liability of FINCALLORCA resulting from the brokerage contract and legal provisions, particularly the mandatory provisions on teleservices and electronic business, shall remain unaffected.
1.5. The rights and obligations of FINCALLORCA as a mediator result from these Terms and Conditions of Agency and Brokerage as well as any supplementary contractual agreements, alternatively from the legal provisions laid out in §§ 675, 631 et seqq. BGB (provisions on agency business against payment).
1.6. If the following provisions contain regulations on the stay as well as the rights and obligations of the customer and the lessor, these regulations will be made by FINCALLORCA as a commercial agent in the name of the lessor and with the authority to represent them; they shall become content of the contract which comes into being through the mediation by FINCALLORCA.

2. Booking process

2.1. For bookings made by telephone, in writing, or via e-mail or fax, the following applies:
a) With the booking, the customer offers the lessor the conclusion of a rental contract on the holiday property vis-à-vis FINCALLORCA as its legal agent in a binding manner.
b) The rental contract with the lessor enters into force with the receipt of the booking confirmation (declaration of acceptance), which is made by FINCALLORCA in the name of the lessor as its agent and representative. The booking confirmation does not require a certain form.
2.2. Bookings can be made without individual communication through an online booking process (contract of electronic commerce). For the conclusion of the contract, the following applies:
a) The online booking process is explained to the customer through the relevant internet presence of FINCALLORCA. The customer has a relevant correction option available to correct their entries and to delete or reset the entire online booking form. The use of this option is explained. The contract languages offered to perform the online booking are indicated. If the contract text is stored by FINCALLORCA in the online booking system, the customer will be informed of said storage and the option to access the contract text at a later time.
b) By pressing the button “Book now”, the customer offers the lessor the conclusion of a rental contract vis-à-vis FINCALLORCA as its legal agent in a binding manner. The receipt of booking will immediately be confirmed to the travelling party electronically.
c) The transfer of the offer to conclude a contract by pressing the button “Book now” does not substantiate any claim of the customer to the conclusion of a rental contract in accordance with their booking details. The lessor or, as its representative, FINCALLORCA are on the contrary free to accept or reject the contract offer of the customer.
d) The contract is concluded when the customer receives the booking confirmation from FINCALLORCA.

3. Information, references

3.1. When providing references and information, FINCALLORCA shall be liable, within the framework of legal regulations and contractual provisions, for the proper selection of the source of said information and its correct transfer to the customer. Information agreements containing a contractual primary obligation to provide information shall only be deemed concluded if done so expressly. In accordance with § 675 (2) BGB, FINCALLORCA shall not be liable for the accuracy of the provided information, except for those cases in which a special information agreement was concluded.
3.2. Without an express agreement, FINCALLORCA does not assume any warranty within the meaning of § 276(1) sentence 1 BGB for information on prices, performances, booking conditions, and other circumstances of the travel service provided, nor does it guarantee delivery concerning the information provided about the availability of the services mediated by FINCALLORCA within the meaning of this regulation.
3.3. FINCALLORCA shall only receive special requests to pass them on to the lessor to receive the brokerage services. Unless expressly agreed otherwise, FINCALLORCA is not obligated to fulfil said special requests. These additionally do not form a condition or contractual basis for the mediation order or for the booking declaration of the customer to be transferred from the mediator to the lessor. It is pointed out to the customer that special requests usually only become a part of the contractual obligations of the service provider if these are expressly confirmed by the service provider.

4. Payment processing

4.1. The lessor has granted FINCALLORCA the power of commercial representation to collect all payments to the lessor, including cancellation fees and other payments to the lessor.
4.2. If FINCALLORCA, in its capacity as a mediator, assumes the function of a broker of associated travel services in accordance with § 651w BGB (see Clause 1.3), the following shall apply: FINCALLORCA may only request and accept payments of the customer for remuneration of travel services after ensuring that these will be reimbursed to the customer if these travel services are to be performed by FINCALLORCA itself or if the claims for remuneration of service providers who receive the brokerage are still to be performed, and in case of insolvency of FINCALLORCA as the mediator of associated travel services
a) travel services will be cancelled; or
b) the customer fulfils payment requests for performed travel services by service providers who receive brokerage services and were unsatisfied.
FINCALLORCA shall provide this security when brokering associated travel services by taking out insolvency insurance in acc. with § 651w (3) BGB under specification of the name and contact information of the securer of the customers’ money in a clear, comprehensible, and emphasised form and by transferring a relevant security certificate for all customer payments to the brokers of associated travel service, which results in these payments only becoming due after transfer of said security certificate for associated travel services.
4.3. A down payment becomes due upon conclusion of the contract (receival of the booking confirmation). The height of the down payment amounts to 30% of the rental price which must be settled vis-à-vis FINCALLORCA within 5 working days after the booking confirmation. The remaining amount must be paid to FINCALLORCA 5 weeks before commencing the trip. The customer shall be informed about these payment conditions before booking; this information is included with the general information on the availability of the holiday property. The punctuality of a payment is determined by receipt by FINCALLORCA.
4.4. If the down payment and/or the remaining payment is not received by FINCALLORCA or the agreed payment recipient within these deadlines, notwithstanding the fact that the holiday property is available as contractually agreed and the customer does not have any contractual or legal lien, FINCALLORCA is entitled to, after issuing a reminder with a deadline in the name of and with the power of attorney of the lessor, to declare its withdrawal from the contract and to charge the customer lump-sum withdrawal fees on behalf of the lessor, in accordance with Clause 6.2.
4.5. If the lessor is willing and able to transfer the booked holiday property as contractually agreed and if the customer does not have any contractual or legal lien, no claim to occupy the property nor to any contractual performances exists without complete payment.

5. Deposit

5.1. If deposits are to be posted, this shall only substantiate a deposit relationship between the customer and the lessor of the holiday property. FINCALLORCA in no way assumes any obligation to either settle or repay deposits.
5.2. If the lessor demands a deposit, this will be specified in the description of the holiday property as well as in the order confirmation. If notice is made herein that the deposit must be paid to FINCALLORCA, FINCALLORCA, as a commercial agent, merely assumes the position of the lessor’s collection agent.
5.3. The deposit must in principle be posted in cash. In general, it is not possible to post a deposit using a cheque; deposits can only be posted using a credit card if this has been expressly agreed in individual cases.
5.4. The deposit serves as a security for the obligation of the customer to return the keys, to pay the consumption-dependent ancillary costs such as electricity, water, gas, and phone charges, to compensate for damages to the holiday property, as well as to compensate for damages incurred if the final cleaning is not performed in a proper manner.
5.5. The lessor or its representative is entitled to make appropriate deductions from the deposit.
5.6. If the lessor or its representatives do not compensate claims under Clause 5.4 from the deposit, it will be repaid on the last day of the booking, before the guest departs. Otherwise, the settlement and any repayments will be made at the latest 14 days after the end of the booking.

6. Withdrawal by the customer before the beginning of the booking (arrival) / Cancellation costs

6.1. It is pointed out that no legal right of withdrawal exists for contracts on holiday properties vis-à-vis lessors, either domestic or foreign; furthermore, in accordance with § 312g (2) sentence 1 clause 9 BGB, no right of revocation exists for contracts on holiday properties concluded at a distance. However, a right of withdrawal does exist if the contract is concluded away from business premises. Nevertheless, the customer is granted a contractual right of revocation by the lessor for contracts mediated by FINCALLORCA, in accordance with the following provisions, unless the lessor has explicitly specified a deviating regulation in the offer. The declaration of revocation before the beginning of the booking should exclusively be directed towards FINCALLORCA as the lessor’s commercial agent. It is strongly encouraged to declare revocation in the text form.
6.2. Lessors can – unless contractually agreed otherwise – charge the following lump sum revocation fees in case of revocation, to be collected by FINCALLORCA as the collection representative. Their calculation takes into account saved expenses as well as a typically possible occupancy of the holiday property in another fashion. These lump-sum revocation fees are as follows:
a) For revocations up to 90 days before the beginning of the booking, 30% of the rental price.
b) From the 89th day up to and including the 60th day before the beginning of the booking, 50% of the rental price.
c) From the 59th day up to and including the 30th day before the beginning of the booking, 75% of the rental price.
d) From the 29th day up to and including the day on which the booking begins, and in case of non-arrival without a declaration of revocation, 90% of the rental price.
6.3. In case the lump sum revocation costs are asserted in accordance with the aforementioned provisions of Clause 6.2, the lessor is not obligated to provide proof of a different occupancy of the holiday property over the originally agreed contract period. Nevertheless, the customer expressly reserves the right to prove directly vis-à-vis the lessor or vis-à-vis FINCALLORCA that the lessor actually did not incur any damages or incurred significantly lower damages than the respectively asserted lump sum compensation. If such proof is provided, the customer shall only be obligated to pay the lower amount.
6.4. The lessor, or FINCALLORCA as its representative, reserve the right to, in the place of the lump sum compensation, assert compensation for the precise loss under consideration of income from another occupancy as well as expenses saved. In this case, the calculation must be proved to the customer with substantiation.
6.5. The customer expressly reserves the right to prove directly vis-à-vis the lessor or vis-à-vis FINCALLORCA that the lessor actually did not incur any damages or incurred significantly lower damages than the respectively asserted lump sum compensation. If such proof is provided, the customer shall only be obligated to pay the lower amount.
6.6. In each instance of a revocation, the customer is entitled to appoint a replacement person, pursuant to the booking contract, who enters into the contract concluded with the customer and takes on all rights and obligations. The lessor can either themselves or via FINCALLORCA as its representative object to the entry of the replacement person into the contract if said person or their fellow traveller(s) do not meet the contractual agreements or other contractually agreed essential circumstances necessary for the performance of the contract and the contractual use of the holiday property.
6.7. It is expressly recommended to take out travel cancellation insurance. Said insurance can be taken out via FINCALLORCA.

7. Termination for reasons of conduct

The lessor or its local authorised person or FINCALLORCA as its representative reserves the right to terminate the contract after the beginning of the booking if the customer and/or their fellow travellers sustainably disrupt the performance of the contract, ignoring a warning, or if their conduct is in breach of contract to such an extent that this justifies immediate termination of the contract. This particularly applies to instances of intentional or grossly negligent damages to the holiday property or its inventory as well as culpable infringements against the special obligations following Clause 10 of these terms and conditions. If the contract is terminated, the lessor still reserves the right to claim the rental price; however, the lessor must deduct the value of those benefits attained through a different occupation of the holiday property.

8. Unutilised service

8.1. If the customer does not, or not completely, use services of the lessor contractually provided to them, particularly attributable to late arrival and/or early departure because of illness or other reasons for which neither the lessor nor FINCALLORCA is responsible, they shall not have the right to claim pro rata reimbursement.
8.2. However, the lessor shall pay to the customer those amounts which they earn from a different occupancy of the property, as well as expenses saved
8.3. The customer reserves the right to prove to the lessor that they made earnings through a different rental of the property or that the relevant income and/or expenses saved exceeded those considered by the lessor.
8.4. It is pointed out to the customer that costs incurred by a termination of a stay through no fault of their own can only be covered by special travel cancellation insurance and not by ordinary travel cancellation insurance. Said special travel cancellation insurance is not included in the price for the holiday property; however, it is still recommended.

9. Obligations of the customer vis-à-vis FINCALLORCA and the lessor, termination by the customer

9.1. The customer shall immediately report any deficiencies by FINCALLORCA to the mediation service of FINCALLORCA and provide the opportunity to remedy the problem. If the customer fails to report through fault of its own, all claims of the customer resulting from the mediation contract shall lapse, if FINCALLORCA would otherwise have been able to provide appropriate assistance.
9.2. The customer shall immediately report deficiencies to the holiday property itself, its furnishings, or other deficiencies or malfunctions to the contact specified by FINCALLORCA, without a special reference towards the lessor themselves, and request a remedy. If said report is not submitted through the customer’s own fault, they shall have no claims vis-à-vis the lessor if they would have been able to immediately remedy to deficiency or malfunction, or remedy the situation by providing another, equivalent holiday property.
9.3. To ensure that the customer is not disadvantaged in providing proof that damages to the holiday property or its facilities are to no fault of their own or in proving the extent of the damages, it is strictly recommended that any damages determined when moving in or at a later point are immediately reported to the lessor or their appointed agent, also if the customer did not cause said damages or if they do not disturb them.
9.4. If the stay at the holiday property is severely impaired by a defect or malfunction for which the lessor is contractually liable, the customer reserves the right to terminate the contract with the lessor. The same applies if it cannot reasonably be expected from them to continue their stay because of said defect or malfunction for an important reason apparent to the lessor. Termination shall only be allowed if the lessor or, if available and contractually agreed, their agent allow an appropriate deadline set by the customer to pass without remedying the defect. No deadline must be set if the defect cannot be remedied, if this is refused by the lessor or their agent, or if a special interest of the customer entitles them to extraordinary termination.

10. Obligations vis-à-vis the lessor

10.1. The holiday property may only be occupied by those persons specified in the contract. In the event of overoccupancy, the lessor, without prejudice to their right to terminate the contract, is entitled to demand an appropriate, additional remuneration for the period of overoccupancy. The surplus persons are to leave the property immediately.
10.2. Visits of any third parties who are not specified as fellow travellers within the framework of the contractual agreements, with a stay extending 24 hours and particularly those including an overnight stay, shall be reported to the lessor. If said notification is not made, or if such visits objectively constitute additional occupancy of the holiday property, the provisions of Clause 9.1. shall apply mutatis mutandis.
10.3. The customer and their fellow travellers undertake to treat the property with care. Customers also undertake to take all efforts which can reasonably be expected from them to contribute to the remedying of any service impairments and reduce potential damages to a minimum.
10.4. The customer shall exactly follow the (operating) instructions on the use of the property and its facilities available in the holiday property or communicate to them on site. In particular, customers are prohibited from making any interventions to the technical facilities of the holiday property, including the electrical installations, the water and sewerage supply, individual appliances, heating, the circulating pump installations of swimming pools, and locking devices without the approval of the owner or their agent. The customer shall be liable for any damages culpably caused by a relevant infringement, if applicable jointly and severally together with their fellow travellers.
10.5. The customer undertakes to observe the local regulations communicated to them, particularly those on fire and noise prevention and the water supply.
10.6. Customers furthermore undertake to regularly clean the holiday property, which shall be left in a clean condition before departure. Any final cleaning included in the price does not cover the cleaning of the dishwasher and the stove, the oven, the refrigerator, and the kitchen appliances; these must be left in a perfectly clean condition. If any extra cleaning is required, the lessor shall charge the cleaning time. Any defilements or damages to the property’s facilities which cannot be remedied by usual means shall be charged separately. Any indemnifications resulting from the aforementioned provisions to the detriment of the customer must be paid to the lessor before departure and can be deducted if a deposit has been posted.
10.7. Pets may only be brought along after prior authorisation by the lessor. The species, size, and number of animals must be indicated precisely and truthfully. The culpable refraining of providing information, or the culpable provision of false information, might constitute grounds for extraordinary termination on the part of the lessor.

11. Arrival and departure time, delayed arrival

11.1. The customer can move into the holiday property on the day of arrival at the time specified in the documents on the brokered holiday property. No claim to prior occupancy exists.
11.2. FINCALLORCA shall provide information on the latest possible time of arrival. No claim to a key transfer or property takeover exists in case of delayed arrival.
11.3. Guests shall always communicate late arrivals to the contact specified in the applicable documents, this particularly applies if the lessor or a local agent is willing to arrange for a delayed (key) transfer in exceptional cases.
11.4. The guest shall bear the accommodation costs incurred due to delayed arrival.

12. Obligations of FINCALLORCA regarding entry regulations and visa entry requirements

12.1. FINCALLORCA shall only inform the customer of the entry and visa regulations if such an order is expressly agreed on. In all other cases, any such duty to clarify or inform only exists if special conditions, either known to FINCALLORCA or publicly evident, necessitate and express notice and the relevant information is not already contained in the offer documents available to the customer.
12.2. Such duties to inform on the part of FINCALLORCA are limited to communicating information from current, industry-standard information sources. FINCALLORCA is not subject to any special research obligation without an express agreement. FINCALLORCA can also fulfil its obligation to provide information by providing reference that the customer should themselves follow up with the information points worth considering.
12.3. The aforementioned provisions shall apply mutatis mutandis to providing information on customs regulations, health regulations for entry, health-related precautionary measures to be taken by the customer and their fellow travellers, as well as for import and export regulations.

13. Liability of the mediator

13.1. If FINCALLORCA has not expressly agreed with the customer to assume a contractual duty, FINCALLORCA shall only be liable for the proper fulfilment of the agency duties. These agency duties in particular include the legally effective transfer of the offer to conclude a contract with the service providers to receive brokerage services, as well as, in the case of acceptance of the contract offer by the service providers to receive brokerage services, the transfer of the confirmation of contract on behalf of and for the account of the service providers to receive brokerage services.
13.2. FINCALLORCA shall not be liable for defects and damages to the customer arising from the mediated travel service. This shall not apply if FINCALLORCA reached an express agreement on the service or the securing of the service, in particular, if this significantly deviates from the service description of the service provider.
13.3. The preceding regulations shall not do prejudice to any of FINCALLORCA’s own liability resulting from the culpable infraction of its agency duties.
13.4. The liability of a mediator pursuant to § 651w (4) BGB and § 651x BGB shall remain unaffected by the regulations above.

14. Place of jurisdiction and governing law, consumer dispute resolution

14.1. FINCALLORCA points out that, against the background of the law on consumer dispute resolution, FINCALLORCA does not take part in any voluntary consumer dispute resolution. If consumer dispute resolution becomes mandatory for FINCALLORCA after its publication, FINCALLORCA shall inform the consumer in some suitable form. For all contracts concluded with electronic transactions, FINCALLORCA makes reference to the European online dispute resolution platform
14.2. For FINCALLORCA’s agency service, German law shall solely apply to the entire legal and contractual relationship between the customer and FINCALLORCA.
14.3. The customer can only take legal action against FINCALLORCA, if FINCALLORCA is used as a mediator, at its place of business.
14.4. For any claims asserted by FINCALLORCA vis-à-vis the customer, if any claims from the mediation contract are asserted, the customer’s place of residence shall be decisive. For claims against customers who are merchants or legal entities under public or private law with a place of residence or permanent address abroad, or whose place of residence or permanent address is unknown at the time the claim is asserted, and given that claims from the mediation contract are asserted, the place of jurisdiction is agreed as the place of business of FINCALLORCA.
14.5. The regulations above do not apply:
a) if and insofar as any regulations from international agreements or European law, which cannot be overridden contractually and apply to the mediation contract between the customer and FINCALLORCA, result in deviating circumstances to the benefit of the customer; or
b) if and insofar as any regulations in an EU member state of which the customer is a citizen, which cannot be overridden contractually and apply to the mediation contract, offer more beneficial terms to the customer than the aforementioned regulations or the relevant German provisions.

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Rural Villa ”Mira al Campo”

near Sant Llorenc (East)
Rural Villa on Mallorca Mira al Campo Rural Villa on Mallorca Mira al Campo Rural Villa on Mallorca Mira al Campo Rural Villa on Mallorca Mira al Campo Rural Villa on Mallorca Mira al Campo Rural Villa on Mallorca Mira al Campo Rural Villa on Mallorca Mira al Campo Rural Villa on Mallorca Mira al Campo Rural Villa on Mallorca Mira al Campo Rural Villa on Mallorca Mira al Campo Rural Villa on Mallorca Mira al Campo Rural Villa on Mallorca Mira al Campo Rural Villa on Mallorca Mira al Campo Rural Villa on Mallorca Mira al Campo Rural Villa on Mallorca Mira al Campo Rural Villa on Mallorca Mira al Campo Rural Villa on Mallorca Mira al Campo Rural Villa on Mallorca Mira al Campo Rural Villa on Mallorca Mira al Campo Rural Villa on Mallorca Mira al Campo Rural Villa on Mallorca Mira al Campo Rural Villa on Mallorca Mira al Campo Rural Villa on Mallorca Mira al Campo Rural Villa on Mallorca Mira al Campo Rural Villa on Mallorca Mira al Campo Rural Villa on Mallorca Mira al Campo Rural Villa on Mallorca Mira al Campo Rural Villa on Mallorca Mira al Campo Rural Villa on Mallorca Mira al Campo Rural Villa on Mallorca Mira al Campo Rural Villa on Mallorca Mira al Campo Rural Villa on Mallorca Mira al Campo Rural Villa on Mallorca Mira al Campo Rural Villa on Mallorca Mira al Campo Rural Villa on Mallorca Mira al Campo Rural Villa on Mallorca Mira al Campo Rural Villa on Mallorca Mira al Campo Rural Villa on Mallorca Mira al Campo Rural Villa on Mallorca Mira al Campo Rural Villa on Mallorca Mira al Campo Rural Villa on Mallorca Mira al Campo Rural Villa on Mallorca Mira al Campo Rural Villa on Mallorca Mira al Campo Rural Villa on Mallorca Mira al Campo Rural Villa on Mallorca Mira al Campo
6 Max. people
3 Bedroom(s)
3 Bathroom(s)
  • Secluded location with panoramic views
  • With its own beach volleyball court
  • Beautiful, large garden
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per night
  • October 2021
    Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su 27282930123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930311234567
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    Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su 3112345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728123456
  • March 2022
    Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su 2812345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031123
  • April 2022
    Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su 282930311234567891011121314151617181920212223242526272829301
  • May 2022
    Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su 2526272829301234567891011121314151617181920212223242526272829303112345
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    Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su 3031123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930123
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  • August 2022
    Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su 123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930311234
  • September 2022
    Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su 29303112345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293012
  • October 2022
    Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su 262728293012345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031123456
  • November 2022
    Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su 311234567891011121314151617181920212223242526272829301234
  • December 2022
    Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su 282930123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930311
To request

Location of the Rural Villa

This charming villa has a lot to offer for young and grown-up holidaymakers who enjoy being on the go. "Mira al Campo" has a slightly elevated location and pampers its visitors with fabulous views of the green surroundings. It is in a quiet secluded location, near the charming village of Sant Llorenç des Cardassar, where you can find shopping opportunities and restaurants. A popular weekly market is held there on Thursdays. The lively beach of S'Illot or the quieter sandy beach of Sa Marjal is approximately 16 km away towards the east.

Map View

The Rural Villa at a Glance

Charming, bright villa in a quiet location with large pool
For up to 6 people (plus 1 baby)
TV, WIFI, heating, fan, safe, washing machine, dishwasher, DVD and CD player, covered terrace, beach volleyball court, and much more.
Home Office
Stable Wi-Fi of more than 200 Mbit/s , stable cell phone reception on the property, Wi-Fi throughout the building
3 double rooms + 3 bathrooms (of which 2 en suite)
Pets on request
7,100 m²
Living space
240 m²
Secluded location with panoramic views
With its own beach volleyball court
Beautiful, large garden
City "Sant Llorenç des Cardassar" (3.2 km)
Supermarket "Pedro Galmes Riera" (3.6 km)
ATM BMN SA NOSTRA Oficina 2141 (3.5 km)
Weekly market "Manacor" (11.5 km)
Golf course "Pula Golf" (14.8 km)
Airport "Palma de Mallorca" (58.9 km)
Detailed Description

Detailed Description

The villa "Mira al Campo" is a very enchanting property which captivates especially due to the fantastic views and its versatility of uses. The Mediterranean, two-storey building with the azure blue shutters has an excellent living space layout, making it perfectly suitable for couples vacationing together, or a family with children. You will have a grand reception upon arriving on the paved driveway with ample parking spaces and the first opportunity to play in the form of a basketball hoop on the garage. One of the exterior walls of the Villa is decorated with natural stones, a typically Mallorcan choice, and that holiday feeling is sure to surface by the time you see the beautiful palm trees in your large garden. The spacious outdoor area with the manicured lawn is framed by subtly landscaped green bushes and trees, allowing wonderful views over the wide hinterland of Sant Llorenç. As the central area of fun and relaxation, the 15-metre pool tempts you to swim some sporty lengths or simply to cool off in between in the refreshing waters. Beautiful sunbathing is possible with the upholstered wooden deckchairs on the surrounding stone terrace. The “cosy cuddle corner” is also a wonderful place for an afternoon nap when being lazy is all you want to do. When it's time to concentrate on some exciting holiday reading, one of the two large parasols will be the perfect aid. Alternatively just seclude yourself – without being bothered – on the shady side terrace. If you are traveling with children they can probably already play on the expansive lawn in the garden. You can also let off steam on your own beach volleyball court! The level sand court is perfect for a small matches among friends who can then relax with a refreshing drink in the comfortable lounge area on the covered outdoor terrace. You'll also find stylish wood furnishings, where all fellow travelers will find a space during shared meals in the open air.

The stylish villa welcomes you inside in the very spacious lounge and dining area. Here, rustic elements, such as the traditional wood ceiling beams, are harmoniously connected with the modern furnishings. The entire ground floor is fitted with decorative marble tiles and the bright furnishings also create a pleasant atmosphere in which you can spend restful hours. For entertainment, there is a flat-screen TV and a DVD player in the welcoming seating area. Cooking on a five-burner gas hob in the fully equipped kitchen is a lot of fun. It is separated from the dining area by a stone archway and, together with the extra large refrigerator, offers everything you need for conjuring up delicious meals. The tableware and food are just steps away from the solid dining table made of dark wood across the counter-mounted hob, at which six hungry people can be comfortably accommodated. Three spacious bedrooms as well as a small bathroom with shower are situated to the rear of the house on the ground floor. From the lower bedroom, you have direct access to the quiet side terrace and can have the morning sun gently caress your face and wake you up in the morning. A pleasantly walkable staircase takes you from the living and dining area to a small, light-flooded gallery from which you can reach the two further bedrooms on the upper floor. Your nights in the villa "Mira al Campo" will always be comfortable on 1.80 x 2.00 m double beds. The upper bedrooms are also very spacious, tastefully decorated, and all feature an en-suite bathroom. There is plenty of space for all your things in the bright bathrooms with windows. Blow dryers are also provided, so there is no need to bring them along.
Large French doors bring you directly from the bedroom onto the long balcony, which offers you a fantastic vista over the slightly undulating landscape first thing in the morning.

The charming small town of Sant Llorenç holds a small, lively weekly market on Calle Major every Thursday. You can buy fresh local produce here. There are also other shopping opportunities as well as small bars around the church and, of course, pubs offering Mallorcan specialities. The two larger towns of Artà and Manacor can be easily reached from the villa and are tempting for a small town shopping trip with sightseeing opportunities. Maybe one of the popular fiestas, such as the Apricot Festival, will be held in Artà in the time you are visiting here? The beautiful beaches of the nearby east coast invite you to excursions with glorious sunshine and swimming enjoyment in the sea.
(Licence Number: ETV/2667, Name: La Real)

Floor plans

Click on the image to enlarge it

Bed sizes

Double beds:
  • Double bed 1: 1,80 x 2,00 m
  • Double bed 2: 1,80 x 2,00 m
  • Double bed 3: 1,80 x 2,00 m


Prices and Conditions

up to 6 people
January, February
March, April
July, August
November, December
All prices are per night

Important Booking Information

In this villa, a free Baby Set consisting of baby cot and high chair is available on request.
This villa is well-suited for a large celebration during your stay. However, such an event must be reported before booking, with no exceptions.

Booking Calendar/Availability of the Rural Villa

  • available
  • Arrival/departure
  • occupied
  • on request
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Apr Th Fr Sa Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su Mo Tu We Th Fr
May Sa Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su Mo
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Apr Fr Sa Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
May Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su Mo Tu
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Jul Fr Sa Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su
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Sep Th Fr Sa Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su Mo Tu We Th Fr
Oct Sa Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su Mo
Nov Tu We Th Fr Sa Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su Mo Tu We
Dec Th Fr Sa Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
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Rural Villa Mira al Campo 4.0 7 Customer reviews, with an average of 4.0 stars
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Reviewed by: Marco

A beautiful accommodation with great distant views. The pool is a nice size. All rooms are in a well maintained condition and the bathrooms are also in good shape. Only the nocturnal animal sounds, such as rooster, donkey and dogs are getting used to. So either close the windows or put in earplugs✌. In any case, a recommendation.Translated by Google

Detailed review
Reviewed by: Julia

The finca is actually very nice, but has some unsightly and dirty corners. The tree house for the children was completely dirty with bird shit. The toilet seat and the toilet brush would have to be replaced urgently. Very squirmy. The bathrooms were not very clean. The shower spray was also defective. In addition, the spices and oils in the kitchen with MHD 06.2020 so long expired. The coffee machine was probably not cleaned properly and thus the coffee was undrinkable. The grill was totally dirty. We had to clean the first time before use properly. For the money I definitely expect more. On the finca was also broken into during our stay.Translated by Google

Das fincallorca -Team

Thank you very much for your feedback! We regret that you were not satisfied with your holiday home. In principle, it is always best to contact the owner directly if difficulties arise, so that remedial action can be taken immediately. The owner has taken your comments to heart and checked the points mentioned. The finca should be clean on arrival, and the owner is very sorry that this was not satisfactory in your case. He has already consulted with the cleaning company and will ensure that this does not happen again. the bathrooms have been checked and the shower heads/WC lids etc. replaced. The owner has no information about the break-in in his finca. We hope to welcome you again as guests in this or another finca!

Detailed review
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