Beach Cala d'Es Serral

near Manacor (center)

Detailed Description

The beautiful beach of Cala d'Es Serral is located in the Cales Verges de Manacor wildlife reserve. The only ways to get to the beach involve either a boat or a short hike. To hike there, take a car up to Son Josep Nou's buildings onto the Son Josep de Baix estate, where you can park the car. Go through the gate and walk about 1.5 kilometres on an unpaved path through the coastal landscape. Atop the cliffs to the right of the beach lies a house which you can use for orientation. Although the beach here, set between jagged rocks, is small, it is beautifully quiet and offers a stunning view of the open sea.

Beach: sandy beach, rocky coasts, shrubs, a building on the rocks left above the bay

Also known as: Caló des Serral

General Properties
Size 10 m x 15 m
Location Near Manacor (center)
Type Remote
Reachability On foot, by boat
Visitors Deserted
Type of visitors Mixed
Accessibility No
Beach material Sand
Incline of beach Medium gradient
Water conditions Some waves
Family-friendly No
Sun lounger rental No
Showers No
Restaurant/bar No
Lifeguard No
Promenade No
Parking No
Footpath Long
Dogs allowed No
Nudity allowed Yes
Sports and activities

Snorkeling (equipment not available for hire), swimming, hiking

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