Beach Cala Domingos

in Manacor (center)

Detailed Description

Cala Domingos is set amidst shrubbery. Also known as Es Domingos Grans, this is the larger of the two beaches in this double bay. The adjacent, smaller beach, can be reached on-foot or by swimming. A few hundred metres further along, you start to see large hotels. The beach is fully-managed, and a popular stop for excursion boats. The cove is open to the sea, leading to occasional tall waves, while the walking path that starts here runs along the coast, up to the end of the city.

Beach: sandy beach, bushes, houses, large hotels within the range of vision

Also known as: Es Domingos Grans, Cala es Domingos Grans, Calas de Mallorca

General Properties
Size 125 m x 190 m
Location In Manacor (center)
Type In a town
Reachability On foot, by car, by boat, by public transport
Visitors Many visitors
Type of visitors Mixed
Accessibility Yes
Beach material details.composition_
Incline of beach Details.inclination_
Water conditions Details.water_type_
Family-friendly Yes
Sun lounger rental Yes
Showers Yes
WC Yes
Restaurant/bar Yes
Lifeguard Yes
Promenade No
Parking Yes
Footpath -
Dogs allowed No
Nudity allowed No
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