Beach Cap de ses Salines

near Ses Salines (south)

Detailed Description

The Cap de Ses Salines is the southernmost point on Mallorca. When the weather is good, you can see the almost uninhabited island of Cabrera, which neighbours Mallorca to the south. There is also an attractive lighthouse present, which you can reach either by car or bicycle. To get there, take the MA-6110 road from Ses Salines. Upon arrival at the beacon, you can park the car and take the path to the north-east along the coast. This way will take you to the first of three tiny sandy beaches in no time at all. These three beaches are spread over several hundred metres of coastline, which itself is rocky and slopes slightly towards the sea. The beach is best-loved by individualists and fans of nature, and there are no gastronomic establishments nearby. In the summer, however, a mobile vendor often sells cold drinks, ice cream, and sandwiches. The arid landscape is especially well-suited to hiking, and there are indigenous bird species to discover here. As well as that, migratory birds enjoy a break here on their way back to Europe in the Spring.

Beach: firm white sand, ringed by rocks, shrubs

General Properties
Size 20 m x 4 m
Location Near Ses Salines (south)
Type Remote
Reachability On foot, by car, by boat
Visitors Deserted
Type of visitors Mixed
Accessibility No
Beach material details.composition_
Incline of beach Details.inclination_
Water conditions Calm water
Family-friendly Yes
Sun lounger rental No
Showers No
Restaurant/bar No
Lifeguard No
Promenade No
Parking Yes
Footpath -
Dogs allowed No
Nudity allowed No
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