Beach Platja de Portals Nous

in Calvià (west)

Detailed Description

Fenced in by tall red rocks, just to the east of the Portals Nous marina, there is a sandy beach that offers all kinds of amenities. A restaurant with a fantastic view of the sea and the beach is just one option; besides that there are pedal boat rentals, parasols, and sun-loungers, as well as public toilets, showers, and disabled access. Opposite the beach lies the small, green island of Illa den Sales.

Beach: sandy beach, high red rocks, trees, shrubs, harbour, buildings

Also known as: Puerto Portals Nous (Ost), Platja de l'Oratori, Portals Nous, Cala Portals Nous

General Properties
Size 250 m x 40 m
Location In Calvià (west)
Type In a town
Reachability On foot, by car, by boat, by public transport
Visitors Many visitors
Type of visitors Mixed
Accessibility Yes
Beach material details.composition_
Incline of beach Details.inclination_
Water conditions Details.water_type_
Family-friendly Yes
Sun lounger rental Yes
Showers Yes
WC Yes
Restaurant/bar Yes
Lifeguard Yes
Promenade No
Parking Yes
Footpath -
Dogs allowed No
Nudity allowed No
Sports and activities

Pedal boat rental

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