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Beaches in Mallorca

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There are numerous beaches and bays located close to our villas that are just waiting to be discovered! Simply enter the name of your villa or the town where you are staying and all of the beaches in your area will be displayed on the map. Whether its secluded, remote bays or popular beaches, you will have a complete overview of all your options!

Beach Cala Anguila

To reach this beach, surrounded by cliffs covered in vegetation, simply follow the steep staircase downwards.

Beach Cala Murada

Cala Murada is the first of a chain of beaches called Calas de Mallroca that visitors approaching from the west will reach.

Beach Cala Tropicana

Cala Tropicana is the smaller beach of two bays belonging to Cala Domingos.

Beach Cala Domingos

Cala Domingos is set amidst shrubbery in the east of Mallorca.

Beach Cala Antena

The beach of Cala Antena is the last swimming spot that you can reach from the Calas de Mallorca resort.

Beach Cala Bota

The beautiful, secluded beach of Cala Bota requires a walk to get there.

Beach Cala Virgili

The small sand and gravel beach of Cala Virgili offers an undisturbed location to those who visit it.

Beach Cala Pilota

The walk to get to Cala Pilota is around three kilometres in length, but worth it for the beautiful spot of nature.

Beach Cala Magraner

The romantic Cala Magraner is lined by tall, green cliffs.

Beach Cala d'Es Serral

The beautiful beach of Cala d'Es Serral is located in the Cales Verges de Manacor wildlife reserve.

Beach Cala Varques

The Cala Varques cove offers a beautiful location, skirted by green forests. This stunning beach nestles amidst pristine nature.

Beach Cala Estany

The gorgeous sandy beach of Cala Estany, ordered by tall, tree-covered cliffs is ideal for long days at the seaside.

Beach Cala Mendia

Surrounded by bungalows and residential complexes, the beach of Cala Mendina captivates with its bright blue water and excellent facilities.

Beach Porto Cristo

Next to the small harbour of Porto Cristo lies this white, sandy beach.

Beach Cala Petita

In the middle of the barren scenery between Porto Cristo and Cala Morlada lies the tiny, rock-lined beach of Cala Petita.

Beach Cala d'en Rafelinos

This stretch of coastline isn't a beach where you can spend a whole day lying under the sun, as the ground here is rocky.

Beach S'Illot

S'Illot is one of the two main beaches in the eponymous S'Illot city. A beautiful seafront promenade connects the different sides of the beach.

Beach Bucht von Alcudia

West of the village of Can Picafort lies a 16-kilometre chain of beaches. The first part of this chain is the gulf of Alcudia.

Beach Playa de Muro

The Playa de Muro consists of different sections, and is six kilometres long in total.

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