Mallorca benefits from a Mediterranean climate all year round. Summer is generally hot and dry, while winter ranges from mild to cold and wet. However, even in the colder parts of the year, you can expect the sun to shine, with an average of six hours of sunlight per day between October and March.

The average temperature throughout the year is around 22 degrees celcius. Even during the height of summer, a refreshing breeze blows across the island from the east. This is the case further inland, but especially applies to the coastal regions of Mallorca.

The climate on Mallorca is influenced by its location in the Balearic Sea. Here, central-European and north-African climates collide, leading to seasonal changes, generally through short rain showers. However, the 300 days of sun that Mallorca experiences every year ensures that this doesnt affect the islands reputation for good weather.

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Daily Temperatures in °C
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Nightly Temperatures in °C
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Hours of sunshine per day
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Spring and Autumn are the hardest seasons to predict on Mallorca, as the weather can change quickly, just as it does in mainland Spain as well. The hills and mountains of Mallorca also play a role in the weather, so that sometimes you will find different weather in different locations on Mallorca, even though they may be just a few miles away from each other. This can mean that it is raining on Playa de Palma while it is sunny in Cala Ratjada, or vice-versa.

You can find a daily weather map, including wind and water conditions on Mallorca, including wind speeds, here: Mallorca Weather Map

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