Badia Gran (South)

This small village is part of the municipality of Llucmajor. Its best attraction is the sea as it is located right on the coast. This village counts with supermarkets, a market every Saturday and beautiful restaurants in front of the sea. The beach of Badia Gran is a great unknown for the tourist too. Precisely because it is not a well-known place, it may appeal to tourists looking for "private" beaches in Mallorca, a quiet place to bathe. It is a natural beach of rocks where you can jump into the water on top of them or sit and enjoy the sea views. The sunsets are incredible, and it is located about 15 minutes by car from Palma airport.

Houses in Badia Gran

Rural Villa Tomeu near Badia Gran
Urban Villa Pura in Badia Gran
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Urban Villa Falutx in Badia Gran
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Urban Villa Dori in Badia Gran
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