Capdepera (East)

Capdepera is located on the east coast of Mallorca, in the region of Llevant. The village is characterised by its location between two mountains, natural stone houses decorated with flowers, narrow cobbled streets and a spectacular medieval castle. The 13th century castle which stands on the 159 m high Puig de Capdepera to the north of the village is one of the best preserved fortresses in Mallorca and from it you can see the whole area around the village. Behind Capdepera rise the gentle hills of the Sierra de Llevant, wooded with pine trees, heaths and holm oaks. The landscape surrounding the beautiful coastal town is morphologically very diverse and consists of cliffs, numerous shallow bays and fine sandy beaches. The most beautiful beaches of this locality are Cala Mesquida, Font de Sa Cala, Canyamel and Cala Agulla. Other beautiful destinations around Capdepera are the stalactite caves of Artá or a visit to the nearby lively seaside village of Cala Ratjada, where there is plenty of atmosphere both at night and during the warm summer days. Capdepera has a weekly market every Wednesday in the "Plaça de l'Orient" where you can sample regional delicacies and buy artisan and traditional products.

Activities in Capdepera

Weekly markets in Capdepera

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Houses in Capdepera

Rural Villa Capdepera in Capdepera
Free Cancellation
Rural Villa Amanecer near Capdepera
Free Cancellation
Rural Villa Cuatro Soles near Capdepera
Rural Villa S'Heretat near Capdepera
Rural Villa Morrills near Capdepera
Rural Villa Placer in Capdepera
Rural Villa Angela near Capdepera
Rural Villa Son Amoyana near Capdepera
Rural Villa Llonguet near Capdepera
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Town House Es Regaro in Capdepera
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Rural Villa Son Favar near Capdepera
Rural Villa Na Mikeleta near Capdepera

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