Felanitx (South)

Felanitx is a rural town and municipality in the Pla & Llevant region of south-east Mallorca and it is the second most important wine-growing town in Mallorca, producing a wide variety of fresh white and red wines. It is situated in a beautiful landscape, very close to the Sant Salvador Sanctuary and the Santuari Castle, both of which are located high up in the hills and have wonderful views of both the surface and the sea. The village is also known for its capers or 'green pearls', you can buy them at the Sunday morning market, which sprawls through the streets around the church of Sant Miquel, with local pottery displayed on the church steps. The church of Sant Miquel (16th century) dominates the town centre. The façade of the church contains a monument to the 414 people who died when a wall collapsed in 1844. Above, below the rose window, you can see the archangel Michael standing on the head of the Devil. The castle of Santuari was first documented in 1228 and sits on a hill (408 m) overlooking the town and the sea. The monastery of Sant Salvador has existed since 1348, and the present structure was built in 1707-34. It has stunning views of Mallorca. The other major attraction of the area is the vineyards. Many are open to the public, but book in advance if you want a tasting or tour. The nearest beach is at Porto Colom and the surrounding coastline.

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Rural Villa Son Rito near Felanitx
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Rural Villa Los Arcos near Felanitx
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Rural Villa Perello near Felanitx
Rural Villa Es Sequer near Felanitx
Rural Villa Son Ravell near Felanitx
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Rural Villa Ailen near Felanitx
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Rural Villa Can Gusti near Felanitx
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Rural Villa Casa Fina near Felanitx

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