Lloseta (Center)

Lloseta is a town located on the southern slopes of the Tramuntana mountain range, the northern half of the municipality is mountainous and the southern half is flat terrain. There are five archaeological sites, four burial caves and a fortified enclosure. Lloseta is situated in the rural heart of the island, this area is known for its fertile soil which made it an ideal place for the development of agriculture, even today you can still enjoy its abundant fresh produce. A good selection of restaurants can be found in this municipality. Being in the immediate vicinity of the sierra, it is a perfect place for hikers, walkers and mountain bikers alike. There is a market every Saturday morning which is particularly special for fresh food, and being close to Inca, Lloseta has developed a reputation for shoe making.

Weekly markets in Lloseta

Houses in Lloseta

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Rural Villa Mafedo near Lloseta
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Rural Villa Son Coll near Lloseta

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