Santanyi (South)

Santanyi is a historic rural village famous for its golden stone architecture. It is charming, with quaint cobbled streets, a majestic church and attracts most for its slow pace of life. Wednesdays and Saturdays are the best day to come and soak up the atmosphere, as a market is held with local produce. The village church dates back to the 18th century and is complemented in the Plaza Mayor by numerous small cafés and bars, which invite you to spend a wonderful afternoon. The traditional Mallorcan architecture is still very much present and you can get an idea of what the whole of Mallorca must have looked like years ago. However, the highlight of Santanyí is the Mondragó Natural Park, located just outside the town. Visitors should visit it to discover the beautiful and colourful nature and visit one of the two lovely beaches.

Weekly markets in Santanyi

Beaches in Santanyi

Houses in Santanyi

Rural Villa Mondrago near Santanyi
Rural Villa Sila near Santanyi
Rural Villa Lasata near Santanyi
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Rural Villa Angoixes near Santanyi
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Rural Villa Casa Romy near Santanyi
Rural Villa Mi Vida near Santanyi
Rural Villa Son Tous near Santanyi

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