Sóller (West)

The small town is nestled in an enchanting valley between orange, lemon and olive groves, which is framed by the massive mountain ranges of the Tramuntana, a dreamlike backdrop. Sóller not only has a lot to offer in terms of landscape, but also in terms of architecture. Here you can see strong French and colonial influences, but also beautiful buildings in the style of Catalan modernism, such as the Banco de Sóller or the church of San Bartolomé in the centre. The land around Sóller is very fertile and nowhere else on the island grows as many lemons and oranges as in the surrounding area. Filled with numerous bars and cafes, the main square "Plaza Constitución" is the beating heart of Sóller and is home to the most striking building in the valley, the Church of Sant Bartomeu. The "Red Biltz" tramway, which links the town and the port winds its way through this magnificent square ringing the bell, no one should miss a ride on this historic railway with its open carriages which offers stunning and magnificent views of the surrounding countryside and once transported olives and oranges to the port of Palma. Sóller is one of the most beautiful places on the island and is perfect for excursions.

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